The Gulf

The Gulf of Carpentaria is a shallow sea between Australia and Papua New Guinea. You can approach the Gulf Region via the Savannah Way from Bourketown, the Tablelands Highway from Barkly Homestead, or the Carpentaria Highway from the Hi-Way Inn on the Stuart Highway.

The rivers and coastal waters of the Gulf Region provide magnificent remote fishing opportunities to visitors with experience in 4WD driving. Anglers can explore parts of all six of the main Gulf coastal rivers in the new Limmen National Park - the Nathan, Limmen Bight, Cox, Towns, Hodgson and Roper Rivers. The park includes catchment areas of these rivers and extends out the offshore reefs of the Gulf. Many varieties of fish are found here, with seasons extending all year round. The Barranyi (North Island) National Park is located in the Sir Andrew Pellow Group of Islands and is the Territory’s only island National Park. This park offers excellent fishing, bird-watching and bush-walking opportunities. Trips to this park need to be well planned and registered with the Parks and Wildlife Commission rangers.

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